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High Temp Orange
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High Speed Cleaning Machine
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Layflat Hose
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Rubber Bladder
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Scrim Transition
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Epoxy Pails
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Patch Kit
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Cyclone Chain Knocker
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Bulk 3P Silicate
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Sandpaper Tools
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High Temp Clear
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Point Repair
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We're now Blackhawk Tech which is the original name of our company. No Longer being "Pipe Lining Supply of Illinois" allows us to provide the great products we've stocked for nearly a decade along with exciting new products. Our goal is and has always been to provide a wide array of high quality trenchless materials, equipment and tools at hard to beat prices with fast shipping and the knowledge to back them up!

Same location and phone number 630-326-9061. New website address and email addresses.

Super Special!

Point Repair Starter Package  $1999.00

Please Compare!


​- (1) 1.5 Meter Packer with Centering Brushes for installing Spot Repair in 4" & 6" Pipe in Lengths of 2 foot and 4 foot. 

- (10) 5 foot (50' total) Highest Quality Push Rods with Stainless Locking Fittings.

- (1) Simple to use Air Pressure Controller.

- (1) Flex Adapter for easy Packer Insertion. 

- (1) Complete Patch Kit 4" x 2 Foot 

- (1) Complete Patch Kit 4" x 4 Foot 

- (1) Complete Patch Kit 6" x 2 Foot 

- (1) Complete Patch Kit 6" x 4 Foot 

Partial Product List   

Pipe Lining

Epoxy Resin Several Variations

Scrim Liner 3-8”

SuperFlex 2-8”

ImperLiner 4” & 6”

Transition Liner 3-4” 4-6” 6-8” 8-10”

SX2 2-4” 3mm PU Liner

SX3 3D Trans Liner 4-6" 3.3mm PU Liner

Scrim Transition Liners Precut

4”to 6” & 4”to 5” Liners w/3 ft transition

12/3/60, 15/3/85, 50/3/50, 70/3/30 100/3/100

Calibration Tube

Ambient 2” to 6”

High Temp Clear/Orange 4” to 12”

Clear with internal string 4” & 6”


Point Repair

Packers & Pull in Place

Pipe Patch Kits

Bulk Fiberglass

Bulk Silicate Resin Winter/Summer

Traditional Packers 2”-12” Pipe 2’-13’

Push Rods

Pressure Controls

Flex Adapters

Binding Wire


Pipe Cleaning & Reinstatement

High Speed Pipe Cleaning Machines

High Speed Flex Shaft 6mm-12mm, ¼ - ½

Chain Knockers 1 ½" to 8”

Chain Knockers w/wo Carbide

Chain Knockers w/wo Drill Tips

Reinstatement cutters

Sandpaper Tools

Drill Clutches

Collapsed Line Cutters

Adapters, Connectors, Centering Axels


Pipe coating

Coating Resin. Cube A & B

Coating Brushes

Cleaning Tools


Pull Strap 1” & 2”, Mule Tape

Clamps Punch & Worm Gear

Delivery Hose 5’ & 10’

150LB Digital Scales

IR Temp Guns

Vacuum Pumps

¾” Layflat Hose 50’ 75’ 100’

1” Jackhammer Hose

5 Gallon Pail Liners

Loctite & Rhino Glue

Liner Lubricant

Pull in Place Rubber Bladder

Serving the US and Canada
MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

​Central Time



910 W Wilson St.

Batavia, IL 60510

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